Monday, April 6, 2009

Is it wrong to want to walk away when every day of your life looks like today
and today looks like a rotting lifeless gray?
I don't know where things went wrong with me
but I feel like I've become a timid shadow of the person I've always wanted to be. And I've been thinking about my past today
thinking of all those times I was afraid
and all those times that I felt worthless and ashamed
I know, I thought I was strong
I said I would never change
but that burning house left me an empty frame
and no longer can I decay
no longer can I keep my heart locked away
Have you ever felt like you are wasting your whole life
searching for something you can't find?
There's been so much talk of so many slashed up wrists
but we're much too young to be dwelling on thoughts like this
So scrape your heart up from the bottom of the bottom of the barrel
Keep your faith in the path that's growing narrow
Kill the doubt inside your head
We overcome
We push ahead


Baby Hannah said...

That't my favorite Modern Life is War song!!!!!!

Corey Nickols said...

Nice! Modern Life is War is rad!

I know its a little off from Genres and all but I have been on a huge Sufjan Stevens kick lately. Thought you might approve.

Corey Nickols said...

Someone needs to update :)